Having a tea-party, or want to send a stylish gift? Then these Macarons are just for you! These cookies just melt in your mouth with their divine taste.

French Macarons, delicate and loaded with taste

Buy Macarons Online

Buy our lovely Macarons online in standard packs of seven or twelve.


Get larger quantities of Macarons for that party on Friday: we will present it in the style of your choice.


What better way is there to start a marriage with these delicate cookies – the symbol of a delicate relationship.

Corporate Events

Do you want something to put forward for that stressful Corporate Event: Our Macs will make everybody sweet.

Just the Two of you

Capture that special moment, with that special person with this special Macarons – to treasure that moment for a lifetime.

Home Alone?

Get the Macarons, take a long soaking bath and indulge yourself in the delicate flavours of a pack of Macarons.

French Macarons with a Passion

We are passionate about our Macarons – from the moment we make contact with a client, till we get their feedback – which is normally positive and very special for us.

Our Macarons are made with passion and love – and we can not help ourselves to relay these emotions to each of our clients – albeit a single person, wedding, corporate event or a party. We left no stone unturned to ensure that our Macarons are made to perfection – to ensure that, with our passion, the clients enjoy maximum satisfaction.

Kenzas French Macarons with Tea

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