About Me


Mum, Wife, Food Lover and Macaron Baker

I’m Kenza,38,born from a Welsh mother and a Moroccan father in Bourg en bresse(well known  town in France for its famous Poulet de bresse!!!and world famous George Blanc CHEF étoile ) .

Being born in France,I grew up in this “gastronomie” culture and soon started to show a passion for cooking and baking.The fact that I’m a mixed of origins also played a role,my father used to cook Moroccan food all the time.Sadly I lost my mum at a very young age,but my aunt (mum’s sister) made sure we (my 2 sis and I)were still being brought up in the welsh/english traditions.At 17,I decided to leave France  (with my boyfriend who’s now my hubby)to come over to Eastbourne where my aunt and grandma lives.We (hubby and I) got marrried here and now have 2 boys  &2 girls.

I’m a happy mum and litterally share my passion everyday with my family .Ive always cooked massive meals for friends and family as I truly am passionate about big tables of food with people I love.

I also love meeting new people everyday (my secret dream is to have a small restaurant in Martinique one day lol!!!)

I decided 1 year ago to specify in Macaron as they were getting more and more popular ,after month of trying to find the perfect recipe I finally made them right and decided to have my own business.Kenza’s Macaron was born!!

I’m litterally the only one in the Eastbourne area making homemade Mac and Mac wedding tower.

This is a real passion and I’m ever so proud when customers come back to me for more Mac.